Fort Lauderdale's First and Only Certified
and Authorized Jetpack Operator !

Any activity involving speed, heights, water or power equipment are inherently risky. Rocketman flying is no exception, but our extensive research on relative safety indicates that this activity is less dangerous than common outdoor activities such as driving, cycling, riding ATVs or personal watercrafts, waterskiing, parasailing, downhill skiing, or even playing basketball!

Safety is a top priority for Rocketman. Relative safety has been evaluated from three perspectives: passive safety, active accident avoidance, and minimizing risks & severity of injuries. We excel in all three areas.

Passive safety:

  • Our jetpack has excellent inherent stability. The pilot´s center of gravity is well below the thrust planes of the nozzles which ensure fore-aft (pitch) and side-to-side (roll) stability. Since the mass of water in the supply hose increases with height, stability increases further from both mass and lower center of gravity.

Minimizing risks:

  • The jet pack unit itself is buoyant
  • The saddle provides protection from water impact
  • Since the pilot is strapped securely to the jetpack, and the back rest supports the pilot from head to hip, fall impact with the water is absorbed gradually and simultaneously over large areas of the body, and there are little opportunities for secondary collisions to occur between the pilot and the jetpack.
  • Quick-release body harness allows quick egress by pilot should it be necessary.